We are a well-resourced accounting practice with a steadfast commitment to providing all our clients — however large or small they are — a wholly dedicated, responsive and reliable service.

Our core ideology is:

Our clients are our most important asset. We will always do our utmost to provide them timely care, which is responsible, constructive and respectful. We will never charge them a fee they cannot sustain.

Through our unfailing adherence to these principles, we seek to ensure that all our employees can rightly feel proud of their work, and thereby find their voice.

Our highly experienced employees have a total of nearly four decades of accounting, auditing, tax and financial management experience with some of the world’s leading accounting firms.

We decide on how we should carry out the work for each of our client engagements, and on what resources we should commit to it, mindful of the circumstances of our client, so that we can serve every client properly and timely, at a fee that our client can afford.

Our senior employees have the depth of experience and expertise to provide our clients much more than routine compliance services. They will provide proactive tax planning advice, so that our clients can timely benefit from all opportunities for legitimately reducing their tax liabilities.  They can also assist our clients on most strategic financial management issues affecting them.

All our clients, even if they seek to pay us for only routine compliance services, will receive from us annually (even without charge) at least an hour of our senior employees’ time, devoted to providing them advice on strategic issues of relevance to them.  

“Sri (Maheswaran Sridaran) has taken care of the tax work for our company, Quikstar Pty Ltd, for several years. He has always generously given us his time to address any concerns of my husband (who is the sole shareholder of our company) and me over our business, and has always advised us of what we should do; mindful of what is best for us.
We have always had complete confidence of his professional competence and reliability and would highly recommend his services to any company.”

Ms Anne Truong
Quikstar Pty Ltd