“Sridaran has assisted me with the accounting and tax affairs of my company, Visa Investments Portfolio Pty Ltd, ever since the company was incorporated.
His assistance to me has always been most conscientious and patient. He has, on occasion, had to devote a lot of time to provide me that assistance.

I have total confidence in Sridaran’s professional competence, integrity and reliability.”

Ms Araliya De Silva
Visa Investments Portfolio Pty Ltd


“Sri (Maheswaran Sridaran) has taken care of the tax work for our company, Quikstar Pty Ltd, for several years.  He has always generously given us his time to address any concerns of my husband (who is the sole shareholder of our company) and me over our business, and has always advised us of what we should do; mindful of what is best for us.

We have always had complete confidence of his professional competence and reliability and would highly recommend his services to any company.”

Ms Anne Truong
Quikstar Pty Ltd


“I have been a client of Maheswaran Sridaran, for over seven years uninterrupted.  I became a client of Sridaran while I was based in Sydney and, later, after I relocated to Townsville, where I am currently based.

I regard Sridaran as a completely reliable and competent professional, with a good mastery of all taxes that I, as a health care professional and property-company owner that I control, are exposed to: income tax, Medicare levy, GST, and land tax. I highly commend the promptness, maturity, patience, and professional courtesy that have been consistent features of my professional relationship with Maheswaran Sridaran.”

Ms Manya Scheftsik
Registered Psychologist


“Sri (Maheswaran Sridaran) has, in the first half of 2010, assisted our group in a number of complex areas: tax (federal, as well as state), strategic management, financing, rationalisation of leases, and formulation of internal audit arrangements. In all that work, Sri has impressed us as a professional who has complete mastery over the theoretical aspects of his work who, at the same time, does not neglect properly addressing all practical tasks required to accomplish sound outcomes for us. We are convinced that his approach for serving us always had foremost regard for what was in the best interest of our group (and not his firm).   

We highly commend his reliability and his unfailing professional courtesy with which he has engaged with all our staff and other stakeholders he has worked with.”

Mr Ambi Thind  
Group CEO, Managing Director
The Education Group Pty Ltd


“Sri (Maheswaran Sridaran) assisted us, in the first half of 2010, to manage our dealings with the Australian Taxation Office and NSW Office of State Revenue respectively in relation to audits they had initiated of our two colleges.  Sri most competently oversaw the work that was required of us in relation to those audits, providing comprehensive, appropriate and timely responses to the Australian Taxation Office and NSW Office of State Revenue. He also ensured that work was carried out in a manner that was cost-effective to us.”

Ms Neda Morris
Principal Executive Officer, Director
Caprock International Pty Ltd